Why I love Harry Styles

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I am a 28-year-old girl. I have a law degree. And I love Harry Styles.

In fact, I also like his band One Direction (1D). I like their songs, the way they don’t take themselves too seriously, the way they goof around together. I like the fact that they can’t dance (but do it anyways). I like that they seem very grateful for what has happened to them, all that beautiful madness that has been their lives for a few years now.

Speaking of which, I am also thankful for the millions of teenage girls who adore them – maybe even more than me! – and who make hundreds of YouTube compilation videos about every aspect of 1D. This is where the real fun begins: Harry Styles l Cute, Funny & Sexy Moments, Harry Styles Funny, goofy and cute moments (Part 4), BEST & MOST FUNNY ONE DIRECTION MOMENTS OF ALL TIME, and the list goes on and on.

So if you find yourself at a given moment feeling down or in an existential crisis (‘what is the meaning of life?’ and all that), I can guarantee that looking at a few of those YouTube videos and listening to some of the 1D songs will put everything in perspective. In a nice perspective. All of it will make you smile. First their silliness, then yours when you find yourself dancing to Best Song Ever as clumsily as them in your living room. It’s heaven!

But enough about One Direction and back to Harry. Of course, what I’m about to say is my humble opinion and not written in stone. Shockingly, most of my friends don’t even share my love for Mr Styles (though I still think they’re in denial and will come around one day).

So what about Harry? What about this 21-year old boy born in Redditch that can sing a tune? As with all the great loves of my life, I can’t pin down exactly why he’s so dreamy to me. But here are a few things to get us started.

Harry is kind. For example, Ed Sheeran once said in an interview that Harry spent one of his days off buying a whole lot of pizzas and driving around all over town to hand them out to homeless people.

He says hi to everyone in the room. He loves his mom. He’s a feminist and supports gay rights. And the man can dress. Once again, this is my humble opinion, but Harry can pull off stuff that no one else would be able to pull off. A short-sleeved shirt with a busy pink flamingo print. Bandanas. Braided hair for Christ sake. And the always present, very tight trousers. He has fun with fashion and fashion loves him for it. He’s the winner of the British Style Award 2013, so clearly I’m not the only one diggin’ his style. Also, he really appreciates his fans and likes to interact with them during 1D performances. You can think it’s all an act because of course, those smitten teenage girls are the ones who bring home the bacon, but I believe he’s for realz.

And also, contrary to the ‘One’ in his band’s name, I don’t think Harry is One Dimensional. He seems to be someone who can have lots of fun, but also takes a second every now and then to pause about this great adventure we call life. Also, he’s funny, affectionate (likes to give hugs) and has AN AMAZING SMILE! Harry, to me, is the perfect antidote for a cynical society.

Anyways, I don’t care what all the haters say: the boy makes me smile. And if I ever were to meet him in real life, he would definitely make me blush too.


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