An open letter to my dream killers

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Dear all,

I’ve had it with you. You who insist on judging my every life choice, especially the beautiful ones. You who insist on telling me, over and over again, everything that’s wrong with my choices. You who make me feel guilty about doing things that bring me joy. If it was up to you, I would never travel. I wouldn’t do anything creative. I wouldn’t have any dreams, not a single one. I would have a small, grey life in which I would still be disappointing you constantly. And you almost had me going in that direction.

But no. I’ve had enough. I’ve had it with you. Go fuck yourself.

I’m angry with myself, for letting your words get to me. Get to my soul. For letting them shrink my dreams, little by little. For allowing you to make me forget I am fucking magical. For thinking that maybe you are right. For thinking I don’t deserve happiness, and dreams are for those who don’t live in the real world. They don’t get you anywhere in real life. You think I am irresponsible and ungrateful. You think I should get a real job for once, work my ass off and have a career. That’s what I’m supposed to do. Nothing more.

But no. Here I am, finally angry with you. For letting me believe that all life can be, is little.

Well, I refuse to believe that. I decide to live in my world, the one where you encourage the ones you love to dream. To travel. To go out of their comfort zone. To do something crazy, just because. To discover. To love. To help each other grow instead of shrinking each other down. This is my chosen reality.

So when you finally stop trying to kill other people’s spirit in the name of love (how dare you?), you are more than welcome here.

Until then, please, by all means judge away in your real world, if that’s how you choose to live your life. But from now on you are no longer allowed to bother me with all of your reality. Not anymore.


Yours sincerely


(May 2014)

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